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Pricing (this won't hurt a bit)

  • $12/month (100MB monthly storage)
  • $20/month (250MB monthly storage)
  • $40/month (500MB monthly storage)
  • $80/month (1GB monthly storage)
Plans offer unlimited bandwidth see note; you're paying for rolling monthly storage only! Upload 5MB today and get 5MB storage back in 30 days.

NOTE: Commercial Podcast and those with high bandwidth needs should contact us for pricing. Our plans are designed for the independent content creator.

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Note: WordPress users, if you are using our PowerPress plugin, all podcast publishing will be directly from your website with no need to visit Blubrry except for administrative purposes. See our Publishing Demo

All media creators have access to our Media Uploader, which makes uploading your media as simple as drag and drop.

If you wish to use FTP to upload your media we can accommodate you upon request "please include show name."

Need more information? Visit our Help Site for Product Demos and Information.

Podcast Media Hosting

Blubrry Podcast Hosting is highly optimized for those of you who are using WordPress with the PowerPress plugin. We combine premium stats, media hosting, advance tools and multiple avenues to grow and support your show. You focus on the media creation; we'll take care of the rest. Let us power your podcast!

Fab Features

Get a (butt)load of the powerful tools we provide:

  • Post / Upload / Publish (Yeah, it's that easy!)
  • Media Upload Validation (peace of mind)
  • PowerPress Provides RSS 2.0 Podcast Feed
  • iTunes Optimized
  • Zune Integrated
  • Feed Validation
  • Wordpress Web Based Media Uploader with Upload Progress Bar
  • FTP Upload Option 
  • Windows Upload Client (optional)
  • Ping Weblogs (Google Blog Search, iTunes, Weblogs Audio, +++)
  • Automatic Media Artwork Management (optional)
  • ID3 Tagging (writes information such as episode title to media files)
  • Media File Naming (optional... portable media player optimized)
  • Podcast Statistics Premium Included ($5 a month value)
  • Distribution on Roku, Boxee, Google TV, Samsung Smart TV

Remain 100 percent in control of your brand podcast with Blubrry. We host through your own WordPress or other blogging platform and provide world-class content delivery of your media.

See How Easy it Is!

So, You're Not a WordPress User

Not to worry! You can upload your media via FTP or our Media Uploader and still get access to many of our features, which include our podcast statistics and access to our complete line of Blubrry.com podcasting tools.

The Sum of Your Success

Every Podcast Publishing with Hosting customer receives our Podcast Statistics Premium service. Gain unsurpassed insights into audience consumption: Find out who is linking to you, listener base demographics and geographical data with worldwide mapping. You'll also receive daily email summaries or can download PDF reports.

Finding Your Space

We know there's no magical mathematical formula to figure out storage you will need for your podcast. A 30-minute audio podcast is typically 15MB in normal quality, so if your planning on an episode a week, the 100MB/month plan might be perfect for you. If you're planning on high quality audio, then your 30-minute audio episode will be closer to 30MB in size. If you like your audio in high quality, then the 250MB/month plan will work for you.



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